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About Me

Catherine Hayes Consultancy CHC

I am a person-centred therapist. This means I have an approach that is aligned to the theories and evidence developed by Carl Rogers. My professional life has been dedicated to the promotion and development and understanding of this approach.

My first area of study was Fine Art. For me art was the one subject where freedom resided. This was altered in the 1980’s and a very prescriptive curriculum was developed for studying art, meaning many have abandoned any idea of being creative.

For me, being a person requires an engagement with personal freedom, with a sense of mattering, of caring for each other and being creative.

Education is designed to prepare people for work as consumers rather than encourage reflection on what potential each person holds as a unique individual.  This can make it impossible for people to simply experience a creative fulfilling life. Many are very separate from the natural world and this has , in my view, a detrimental affect on emotional health.

My values determine that I challenge the ideas which cause division and hatred. Issues around identity and values are key to my life. I challenge all aspects of racist ideology, I abhor discrimination based on gender, melanin, sexuality or culture and consider the biggest change we can make today is to be willing to understand each other through empathy and authenticity.

  • Licensed Person-Centred Experiential Therapist
  • Assistant Professor in Counselling
  • In practice since 1995
  • Diploma Person-centred counselling 1995
  • Person-Centred Supervisor 2000
  • Senior Accredited therapist  2014

Counselling Services

How can I help you?

My work has brought me into contact with many people from all walks of life who have found that their experience of distress has been misunderstood by many involved in mental health services. As a person-centred therapist I will offer you a relationship that is focused on your experiences of life, how you give expression to your own feelings and will endeavour to respond in a way that meets you empathically, with acceptance and honesty.

I do not offer a list of conditions or disorders that label others. You may have your own labels that you wish to tell me about, that is up to you. I do not diagnose or pathologise.

I offer counselling, supervision, and consultancy.

What to Expect?

  • I work online, through WhatsApp video. Sessions last 50 minutes.
  • I do not speak other languages, so my sessions would require you to be able to speak English.
  • My fee is £50 a session payable through bank transfer.
  • The regularity of contact is something we agree between us.

Thank you for reading this. If you think I may be someone you could work with, then do get in touch.

Based in Norfolk Telephone sessions available £50 per session